Laraloop UI is a set of Blade components to utilise in your Laravel application. It's built on top of Bootstrap framework, and it's completely open-source. You can find all Bootstrap framework components and more.

It's made for Blade, the Laravel's powerful templating engine. Every Laraloop UI component is a Blade component with a view and/or a class. Each component can be extended, modified and overwritten.

The components are designed to render Bootstrap components out-of-the-box, meaning you just write Blade components syntax by passing some props and Laraloop do the hard work of converting them to a fully working HTML markup for Boostrap.

To give you a practical introduction example, let's look at the way how a few Bootstrap component can be rendered.

<x-alert type="danger" message="Hi, there! I'm an alert type danger component." />

The result of this is: